Windy Doris, Fallen Trees and the Banana Hook of tat – Episode 90

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This week in Ramsbottom we’ve had a bit of a breeze whip through of the name Storm Doris. Doris went on to remove many fence panel (shout out to Paul Jenkins) and some trees fell over too. As far as I’m aware nobody locally was seriously injured. There were some reports of minor injuries being sustained, (another shout out to Paul Jenkins), I even ended up getting involved with moving bits of a fallen tree.

What happened was on Thursday, I was just watching social media, well it was my on my day off and I noticed someone report that a tree had fallen down on The Rake. Right, I thought, time for some on the stop finger on the pulse journalism.

I left my house and started running up towards The Rake, before realising that was a stupid idea given I had to pick my son up in just ten minutes so I turned round and got my car.

Once at the bottom of The Rake, it wasn’t obvious where this tree was, I couldn’t see it from the bottom, so I decided to drive up and take a look. Right at the top was the tree, fallen from the

Coming up this week on the website I’ve got a few recipes from our fantastic local restaurants Pancake Day

This week also saw my Mother-in-law come to stay for a few days. Now, this might just be my family, but everytime she comes to visit, things start appearing in the house.

These things are generally trinkets, gizmos and whatnots. To sum up, tat, at least in my opinion.

She LOVES to shop. Let me emphasise that again, LOVES IT. The types of places she particularly likes is Lakeland, The Range, Paperchase, you get the idea.

Now, our house, I think has everything we need. I’m the kind of person that if I need something, I’ll buy it and that void is filled pretty quickly. Essentially, if we don’t have it, we don’t need it.

So my mother-in-law arrived, and only a day or so later there’s now a kitchen roll holder and a banana hook. These are separate things, I don’t think any company is out there making a combined kitchen roll come banana hook. Although if they did I’m sure it would arrive in our house soon after.

Don’t get me wrong, I can see the value in some items, like the kitchen roll holder, but did we REALLY need one? Probably not, I’ve survived 33 years without a banana tree hook thing, I think I’ve done more than prove I can do without.

Ramsbottom United BadgeRamsbottom United News: [11:47]

On Tuesday the 21st of Feb Ramsbottom United were home to Clitheroe in the Evo-stik League.

Ryan Salmon opened the scoresheet in just the 4th minute scoring his 10th league goal of the season before Cliterhoe players Luke Wall and Kurt Willoughby decided they wanted some of the action scoring on the 32nd and 55th and 58th minutes before Paul Linwood brought it back to 3-2 to Clitheroe on the 64th minute. Fan favourite Gareth Seddon of local cheese fame brought it back to 3-3 on 73 minutes before Kurt Willoughby broke Ramsbottom hearts on the 81st minute leaving the game at 4-3 to Clitheroe.

Thanks to everyone who went to the match. This was the highest Tuesday night turnout of the season so far with 210 recorded in attendance.

This loss has set Ramsbottom back to 10th place with 36 points and Clitheroe are currently in 5th.

Evostick Table

Ramsbottom United Match Centre


Upcoming Events: [14:23]

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Residents Weekend

Table Top Sale


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Bury Times Ramsbottom Events Page.

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Tower FM Events Calendar

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