First started in 2014, This is Rammy is here to keep you informed and entertained about news and events in and around Ramsbottom, that’s the one line description right there.

The website was originally created to try to bring more information about Ramsbottom; online. Especially since sites like Ramsbottom Online went away, and others such as ramsbottom.net stopped being updated and visitramsbottom is for the Business Group, I wanted to create an independent site with useful information without any agenda.

Lee sitting in front of Peel TowerSince starting This is Rammy, the focus has moved from the blog towards the podcast more. Originally, there was never any thought of creating a podcast on This is Rammy.

So why does it exist?

The podcast came about simply out of wanting one myself. I listen to hours of podcasts each week, and when I thought about it, I wanted to listen to a podcast about my town, then, I found that there wasn’t one.
Rather than be down hearted, I decided that the next person in my position shouldn’t come up against the same set back, so, I created This is Rammy podcast.

All views reported here are my own, and sometimes these opinions will differ from your own, but that’s the nature of the site, we don’t expect each everyone to enjoy the same pubs, restaurants or beers but that doesn’t mean either of us are wrong.


In September 2015, This is Rammy won the very first UK Podcasters Award for Best Places and Travel and as a result Bury Times wrote a lovely piece about it.