ComedySportz at Ramsbottom Civic Hall – Episode 92

If you think that you’d need to head to Manchester to be able to take in a comedy show you’d be mistaken. I’m here to tell you this episode about a great family friendly comedy night that’s based right here in our town of Ramsbottom. It’s only here until September more viewings, but you could see it FOR FREE, just keep listening to find out how!

This month I caught up with ComedySportz who were putting on a show for the lovely Ramsbottom Civic Hall patrons.

Let me start by saying this, although this is a family friendly show, don’t let that put you off, it is very funny and the teams have a great rapport with each other, which you’d expect given some of them have been doing this for 15 years!

If you’ve ever seen Whose Line is it Anyway (and if you haven’t, click the link to the left to see some on YouTube) then you’ll have an idea what it’s like. Essentially there are two teams who are battling it out for points from the referee.

There are many rounds and the team get to choose which game they play beforehand, a little like Crystal Maze but less mazy and certainly less Crystaly.

The sample I provided at the start of this episode was of the round they call “New Choice” where the teams improve but at any point the referee can blow the whistle causing the player who just spoke to have to choose something else to say.

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Bang and Olufsen to open in Ramsbottom

Sign says Bang and Olufsen to open in Ramsbottom

Could this be a sign that Ramsbottom is breaking away from its independent high street image?
The shop on Square Street which had previously been Velvet had been closed since Velvet moved to Bridge Street.

We’ve all been wondering what it would become and now the signs are up and the answer is Bang and Olufsen.

If you’re not familiar with the name, Bang and Olufsen are a high manufacturer of multimedia equipment such as Televisions and Hi-Fi Equipment.

I’d personally be interested to know if Bang and Olufsen are going to join the Business Group, I’m not sure how it works for them given they’re not independent.

What do you think about the thought of larger high street chains entering Ramsbottom? A welcome change from restaurants and coffee shops or a break from what keeps Ramsbottom high street unique?

Tesco Shopper Lays Down the Law!

On Thursday, April 4 at around 14:10 pm on Tesco Metro carpark a man could be seen spray-painting the words “NOT A SPACE” in white on the ground.

He had received a fine for parking in what he believed was a space on the edge of the supermarket car park.

After  repositioning his vehicle and ripping the affixed fine from the windscreen he took out an aerosol can from the back of his car, walked back to the space, knelt down and created a sign presumably to warn others.

The two gaps at the end of the car park (pictured) are enclosed by double yellow lines but it’s unclear if it is prohibited to park in the spaces or not.

Drivers have been caught out using the spaces in the past with one local resident Timothy Smith commenting:

“It’s not at all obvious you’re not allowed to park there. They look like spaces and cars are often parked in them. I was almost ticketed but fortunately I was in my car when a ticket attendant approached to inform me of the situation.”

Interview with Pat Duggan of The Doghouse Jazz Bar – Episode 91

In the past week I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to catch up with Pat Duggan and record an interview. I’ve been into the The Doghouse Jazz Bar a few times before but never really spoke to Pat much, you don’t tend to get much time for things like that on a night out, not when people are working anyway.

I booked a day off with work and headed down Kay Brow and turned into the industrial units through the tunnel and into the yard. When I approached Pat was already there mopping up, he looked up as I said “Hi Pat” and put down his mop. He looked genuinely pleased to see me, which considering it was actually his wife who had done most of the arranging of the interview was nice to see.

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9 surprising places to buy books in Ramsbottom

“You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.” C.S Lewis.

Well, Ramsbottom certainly has the coffee shops (they sell tea too C.S. Lewis) so I think we’ve got that side covered, but what about the books?

I’ve spoken with many people since creating This is Rammy, on the podcast and just in general conversation around the town. I’ve gotten into the habit of asking people what they feel Ramsbottom might be lacking, and many times people mention they’re surprised there is not a Bookshop. This has came up time, and time again.

So I went out and had a look around Ramsbottom to try to come up with the ultimate list for local bibliophiles as to exactly where you CAN buy books in Ramsbottom.

One of the fantastic features of Ramsbottom is that the proximity of all of these places are near enough that you should be able to hit them all in an afternoon.

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Pancake Recipes Ramsbottom Style

Do you flip or turn?

What am I talking about? Pancakes of course!

As it’s pancake day tomorrow (or shrove Tuesday if you want to use it’s correct name) but ultimately we all know it as pancake day.

So what better than to celebrate Pancake Day than with some locally sourced pancake recipes?

If you do happen to make any of these pancake recipes I’d love to see your results. Please send in your photos and I’ll share the best one’s.

Right, let’s start with the first of the pancake recipes which is savoury and comes courtesy of Mellissa Brown of The Mouse Trap If you don’t happen to have any Perl Las cheese you can use another Blue Cheese or simply nip into The Mouse Trap and they’ll be happy to sell you some.

How to make The Mouse Trap Blue Cheese Pancakes:

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