Spice Garden Review; Thai Restaurant in Ramsbottom

Where do you go if you are looking for a Thai Restaurant in Ramsbottom?

Ramsbottom restaurant epicentre?

Picture this, Square Street in Ramsbottom. Less than 400 meters in length, could easily be overlooked but has arguably two of the best restaurants in Ramsbottom in just the first 50 meters of it.

Of these, one is a little Thai Restaurant named Spice Garden that has managed to lodge itself in my personal Ramsbottom top 5.

There are good points and bad points with its location on Square Street.

First, the bad point being its proximity to the other top restaurant; the hugely successful Levanter Fine Foods (which recently featured in the Top 100 Restaurants in the UK). There is a chance it could be passed over by potential customers.

There is a good thing for Spice Garden though. Levanter (at the time of writing) doesn’t take table bookings. An odd concept you might think, but it’s hardly ever quiet in there due to their popularity. This popularity has the potential of leaving hungry people who don’t want to wait up to an hour looking for somewhere else to eat.

This is where Spice Garden can get some passing trade from people who aren’t necessarily looking for a Thai Restaurant in Ramsbottom but they’re hungry and want feeding.

Spice Garden Thai Restaurant in Ramsbottom

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Ramsbottom Festival? Maybe Ramsbottom Guest-ival?

It’s been a bit nippy in the past few days, so I’ve been looking back at Ramsbottom Festival last year where it was so hot over the weekend I got sunburnt (although I do get sunburned very easily, so that’s not surprising.).

Aside from having an amazing time I also got a chance to catch up with loads of people who have been on the show.

I’ve kept in touch with them since they’ve been on I am honoured to say I consider them friends (maybe they don’t me though ???? ).

I took advantage of the captive environment and got them to strike a pose. You can click on any of the images below to be taken to their past interviews on the podcast.

Andrew Burgess (Budge) with Team JMC – Episode 37

Danny English of CommuniTree Initiative – Episode 5

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Paper, Coffee, Trains and a big win for Ramsbottom United all from a tent! – Episode 87

How are you? Have you managed to get out in the breaks in rain recently? I don’t know about you but when I’m out for a walk I feel a bit of a fraud. Not because I don’t often go out for walks, but because we live here I tend to be under-dressed compared to others I pass.

These people tend to be kitted up properly in boots, thermals, walking sticks and woolly hats, and me, well I feel like I practically stepped out there in slippers.

Several news articles have popped up this week that I thought it worth talking about, starting off with:

Plans have been submitted for Park 66 which contain KFC, drive-through Costa Coffee and gym. – [1:15]

I don’t know if you ever visit Park 66 just off the M66 motorway, but I quite often nip into the ASDA petrol station on my way home to fill up. I spoke last year about the old cinema at Park 66 that had recently been demolished and mused on what the plans might be for the site.

The site became unused back in 2010 when the Cinema closed and the retail units on site shut up shop too leaving pretty much just the McDonalds and ASDA on their own.

These plans have now been submitted to Bury Council and they include the following:

JD Sports
a gym
and a DRIVE THRU Costa.

All these reported by Bury Times.

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Ramsbottom Police Station plans and how a Banana made a difference – Episode 86

Welcome to This is Rammy, the podcast dedicated to Ramsbottom, the small town just North of Manchester.

The plans for Ramsbottom Police Station have been approved. The application is for two ground floor shops as well as eight apartments above. The style is mentioned to be in keeping with how the area would have originally looked.

If you remember, the person who purchased the land in February last year when the Police Station was auctioned off was our very own Councillor Rob Hodkinson and his wife.

One comment that Rob said back in November 2015 as written in Bury Times was:

But Ramsbottom MP David Nuttall and Ramsbottom ward councillors Ian Bevan and Rob Hodkinson have raised concerns about the plans to sell the building, fearing a rise in crime if there is no police presence in the town.

How do you feel about this? I was looking at the planning permission and reading through the comments, several people have complained about the drainage on the current site as well as several people complaining about the fact the proposed building will be much bigger than the existing bank.

Work has already started on Ramsbottom Police Station

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Ramsbottom Blackout – Episode 85

Thanks to @Centurion_Claim on Twitter for use of this photo.

Blackout causes outbreak of candles in Ramsbottom – [0:36]

Welcome to This is Rammy, the podcast about Ramsbottom and the surrounding area where the power has returned! No, not me, the power to Ramsbottom. If you’re a resident of the local area you’ll no doubt be aware that Ramsbottom suffered a large power cut on Thursday the 19th of January due to a high voltage fault at an electricity substation near to Ramsbottom Train Station.

Eyewitnesses, (or maybe that should be earwitnesses) reported hearing a loud bang before being plunged into darkness. Fear and panic quickly spread around the town with reports of some people buying up all of the packets of Haribo from ALDI and some reports from unknown sources of people turning to cannibalism. Not really, just checking you were paying attention.

Local fire crews were on hand to divert traffic from Bridge Street causing large tailbacks and diversions around the area. My sons nursery was forced to evacuate for safety reasons leaving staff and children in the cold singing songs by torchlight to keep their spirits up until parents arrived.

The power was off from approximately twenty past four in the afternoon until six forty five. Rush hour, not the best time for it to happen, but when is there a good time for an emergency such as this?

Posted by Christina Applebee on Thursday, 19 January 2017

Local establishments such as Irwell Works were forced to breakout the candles, luckily for them they are a regular addition to the ambiance of a night in The Brewery, so they were on hand.

Ad: Wait! Before you move on. You, yes YOU can advertise on This is Rammy from as little as £10, all you need to do is get in touch with me and we can work out how best to get your message out.

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Ramsbottom Running Club with Rowan Ardill – Episode 84

So, since New Year have you got on your list of good intentions an action to get out more? Maybe it’s running? I know, I know, the weather hasn’t exactly been great with the snow recently, but hear me out.

On the podcast this week I speak to the fantastic Rowan Ardill of Ramsbottom Running Club which he started only a few months ago.

Since launching officially around the end of October 2016 the newest running club in Ramsbottom has grown from strength to strength. Starting with 25 people in that first week took Rowan by a pleasant surprise, however they now have over 60 paid members and Rowan is ecstatic with how it’s going.


Rowan is well experienced with running and clubs being that he’s an Engagement Officer for ParkRun in Bolton where some of the members of Ramsbottom Running Club travel from, as well as this Rowan has a degree in Sports Development and Physical Activity so you really are in safe hands.

Ramsbottom Running Club is on course to be affiliated with England Athletics, if it’s not already.



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