Mellissa Brown of The Mouse Trap – Episode 88

Welcome to This is Rammy, I’ve got a fantastic interview this week with local restaurant owner Mellissa Brown of The Mouse Trap.

When we first moved to Ramsbottom me and my family had always stared in wonder at the ever increasing sign that was outside The Mouse Trap with the earliest dates available to book for their cheese and wine nights. One day, we thought, we’ll book and get on that list.

Then, a year or so later and a renovation happened, and the set massively future dates for bookings seemed to go away. This is when we learned that the new owner was Mellissa Brown, also known as “Gareth Seddons Girlfriend” but I wanted to get away from this image as The Mouse Trap is very firmly Mellissa’s business and her passion.

Over the course of the interview I came to realise that this isn’t “just a day job for Gavs girlfriend” but is firmly something that Mellissa loves to do. She is as enthusiastic about cheese as she is hosting. Which given she owns a cheese restaurant is very fitting.

Gary Neville visits The Mouse Trap

After the interview Mellissa let me in on a secret, that The Mouse Trap was going to be having a very special guest on Friday. That special guest being Gary Neville, ex Manchester United player and current football pundit. I promised Mellissa I’d keep schtum, despite the fact I wanted to tell the world.

I hope you enjoy this week’s interview episode of the podcast, I’ve got a few more coming up in the weeks to come.


I took a few photos whilst I was in The Mouse Trap as the setting is lovely, it’s got a real homely feel to it, almost like you’re in your own living room. Also, as of release of this episode, the sign is still not yet back on The Mouse Trap, but given the trend in these secret venues like this one in Manchester, maybe they should leave it off?


Ramsbottom United BadgeRamsbottom United News: [22:13]

This weekend 13th placed Ramsbottom United took on 9th placed Brighouse Town at home in the race to find points and ultimately safety in the league. A goalless first half was soon forgotten on 48 minutes when yet another debutant scored on their first outing in the form of Darrhyl Mason sinking a goal from close range. The only other scored of the match was the goal machine that is Ryan Salmon who smashed in a penalty on the 88th minute. There was no goal from the league’s third highest goal scorer Michael Fish of Brighouse Town, he must have been feeling under the weather.

Evo Stick League Table

Ramsbottom United vs Brighouse Town stats


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