Pancake Recipes Ramsbottom Style

Do you flip or turn?

What am I talking about? Pancakes of course!

As it’s pancake day tomorrow (or shrove Tuesday if you want to use it’s correct name) but ultimately we all know it as pancake day.

So what better than to celebrate Pancake Day than with some locally sourced pancake recipes?

If you do happen to make any of these pancake recipes I’d love to see your results. Please send in your photos and I’ll share the best one’s.

Right, let’s start with the first of the pancake recipes which is savoury and comes courtesy of Mellissa Brown of The Mouse Trap If you don’t happen to have any Perl Las cheese you can use another Blue Cheese or simply nip into The Mouse Trap and they’ll be happy to sell you some.

How to make The Mouse Trap Blue Cheese Pancakes:

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