Tesco Shopper Lays Down the Law!

On Thursday, April 4 at around 14:10 pm on Tesco Metro carpark a man could be seen spray-painting the words “NOT A SPACE” in white on the ground.

He had received a fine for parking in what he believed was a space on the edge of the supermarket car park.

After  repositioning his vehicle and ripping the affixed fine from the windscreen he took out an aerosol can from the back of his car, walked back to the space, knelt down and created a sign presumably to warn others.

The two gaps at the end of the car park (pictured) are enclosed by double yellow lines but it’s unclear if it is prohibited to park in the spaces or not.

Drivers have been caught out using the spaces in the past with one local resident Timothy Smith commenting:

“It’s not at all obvious you’re not allowed to park there. They look like spaces and cars are often parked in them. I was almost ticketed but fortunately I was in my car when a ticket attendant approached to inform me of the situation.”

Simon Edward Smith

Journalist PPA Awards Finalist 2017


  1. Mark Howarth says:

    I was fined in the same car park area for parking in a space that wasn’t clearly marked has disabled. Bury Council need to get there act together regarding parking regulations.

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